Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Union

If it was just the skin,
would the beauty it held be the same.
If it were just the bones,
would it value more than the naked shame.

If it was just the body,
would it be loved and be game.
If it was just the soul,
would she be seen ever again.

If it was just the heart,
would it be precious untamed.
If it was just the feelings,
would it make a difference if insane.

If it was not the union,
Would love ever take the shape
skin and bones,
body and soul,
heart and feelings.
Lest if it should be just us,
Would we have lived without them.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Lone Candle

A pure heart inside him in flames,
He knew he had it out of his hands.
A moment of despair in him,
But yet smiling rejoicing the pain he stands.

A tinge of tear starts to shed,
And he let himself away gradually Melt.
But more than losing his body instead,
The stronger of losing her the fear he felt.

And no more could his fragile body could take,
Crushed and burned his body did break.
But the passion of his love burning high
the flick of flame still prevailed,
till the lone candle died in his dregs.
And the flame echoed his love over his body still sailed

Sunday, July 25, 2010

She could still...

His odor still etched on to her,
She could still smell him on the sheets,
His touch alive on her,
And she could hear his fast heart beats.

The tender touch tickling her hair,
His breath still whispers by her neck.
She could still feel the rhythm of his grasps,
His eyes closed but reflects her beauty yet.

The strong hold of his arms still sketched,
Curled in him, she could feel his kisses stretched.
She could still feel the touch of his bare chest
those tender moments blown, she never wanted.

But if things wished was granted thy,
There would be no memories to live by.
She could still feel his taste in her,
And she wanted time to freeze in his love forever .

But here she was in those same sheets,
Stinking in his love, she hated to admit.
She longed to see her in those closed eyes,
But adamant believing this is how is her life.

And she never returned to search thy,
Adamant as she, she thought she'd survive.
But his tender touches still reminds of him,
Of how she threw his love and gradually murdered him.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Might the color be the glory you like,
Might the color reign the world high,
Might I be detested of everybody' sight
But I am the one found by everyone's' side.

Might I be present as a source unknown,
Might be invisible still visible to none,
Might I be heard as the left lone,
But still I reside in your heart, blood and bone.

Might the darkness be me ,
The light pierce me through.
But in my womb rests thee,
the light as defined grow.

I am the color that covers the sight,
I am the one that grows outside your light,
I am the one that lays by everybody's side,
Might there be a color you lack,
I am the boundary of the universe's back,
None other than I am the color Black.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where You Belong...

Look into my eyes,
To see the beauty I behold.
Like the nature's true essence galore.
The reason of mine being sole,
To taste the truth and purity of your soul.

Look into my heart to feel,
The rhythm once lost in the beats.
The song sung in deep reverie,
Echoin' the sweet nightingale's spree.

Look into me,
And hold my hand,
Feel the warmth
and make me glad.
Hold it like you'd never leave it,
Yes it might not be the heavens above.
But I know you know.
Kiss the palm to realize long.
Its someplace better than those,
It's the place where you know that you belong....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Does it Seems....

Does it seems like the same old game?
Me looking down hoping for you again.
Does it seems like the same old window?
Where once my reflection reflected high and low.

Does it seems like the same old field?
where dreams were real and castles in air we built.
Does it seems like the same old breeze?
where our lone words got echoed along with it.

Does it sees like the same old bridge?
where the broken lay the railway tracks dimly lit.
Does it seems like the same cozy place?
where the beans smelled great and a fag and a haze.

It might not be the same old days,
But does it seems like the time gave its way?
where days to come to be happy and gay.
Does it seems like my way in pain?
where i will live and make memories alive again.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Devil

I thought I knew
Of what she said,
But what I knew,
She would never say.
And I thought I knew
What she would've said,
Until I knew there was
nothing left to say.....

Innocent the face looked thine,
The devil inside smiling shine,
Her lips read the story of felony,
Kissed by flames, my heart wondered why....

Oh!!!..She knew me well, what she thought
She thought she read the last page
of me written for her to sought.
But what I pity, hers was all flying pages,
none in order and None for the sages.

Now the devil smiled in me in turn.
Sinister yet gullible like a cruel Hannibal,
Of what I feared the most, did happen here.
Her empty body echoing like a shell.
Neither was she nor her soul was there.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

If What She....

If what she knew my unbound love,
Would she caress me back as before?
If only could love be it
To believe her be back & depart never.

If what she knew the horizon of my trust,
Would she hold me in her arms again?
If only could trust be it
To lay deep in her eyes in the pouring rain.

If what she knew the way my heart throbbed for her,
Would she feel it with her soft palms with closed eyes?
If only could racing heart be it
To stand calm yet feel my heart throb in her hand.

If what she knew the breath I use to take,
Would she wore the same scent again to make me alive?
If only the air would smell the same
For a reason to relieve me of all the blame.

And if what she saw the mirror of my pupils
Would she cuddle in me her hairs tangled on my shoulders?
If only could she see herself in me
Could she have seen my world and herself in me.

But she never did see a single thing of it
And I still live with the past memories.
If only could memories be it
I have loads to smile and remember,
Thy shalt I never miss....

Friday, April 16, 2010


I saw through the speechless glass.
Across the road on the cross,
And somewhere I knew I seen that face,
Strangely even the name in my memory I could trace.

Yet so strange, I saw the known stranger,
Smile unmatched, looks so splendor,
The curls went right to the neck,
The bold eyes shining brown and awake.

And I still in my usual seat,
A cold chocolate coffee,
And a fag to the lips.
Happy to have swept through time
Till the turn my eyes couldn't linger.

Memories cleared, the fog amidst mist,
A small ray of hope unseen,
Blooms a face amidst a thousand amidst.
A tender smile and a soft kiss
That's all I could remember from my oblivion bliss.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Long For...

How many do long to see,
A face long forgotten,
Still a glance just taken
And disappear unseen again?

How many do long to be with,
with someone real close,
yet would never be around,
Lest fear the distance should
make them further apart?

How many do long to wish
to be back in time,
But be glad to be living,
Afraid once driven,
they won't again be prepared?

Even I long for things,
Which I lost, some found, some never.
And for some even though they haunt me still.
But what I've always longed for,
Is just a touch, a feeling,
To make me feel no longer longing,
And I would cherish it adhere it to my heart.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Wrong Turn

They said the path was twisted,
Round about ahead lay broken.
And I would end up
taking up the wrong turn.

But where did lie the adventure
of going on the same way,
familiar of the memories,
lost in the scent of nostalgia,
tears spilled smelling the stench of betrayals.

Isn't it possible to to take a different turn?
Unknown of the surroundings,
The scent of the new bound urn.
isn't it fun to live a life,
on a path unfamiliar,
licking and leaving only my memories behind.
Of a path where I wouldn't miss.
But others' miss me while.
Where I wouldn't follow the steps,
while my steps always imbibed.

Holla!! Here I take the dive,
On a whole new turn,
Unaware of the future,
living the unfamiliar present under the shining sun.
Just a way out of ordinary
Leaving all past behind to burn
And I hereby welcome the path,
which others' labelled as the Wrong turn...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Give Me

Give me a reason to trust,
For that I trusted is long gone and lost.
Give me a reason to believe,
For what thy wanted was loathed with lust.

Give me a the scent I loved,
Still in my veins, stinging by its stench.
Give me the days I lived,
Still fresh for those faked little moments.

Give me my heart back throbbing,
For now ages I forgot its rhythm.
Give me my life as it had been,
For I forgot how it felt to be living.

And still I ask more for me,
Devoured by hatred and sympathy.
For now I have only anger and pity to give.
Give me back my soul,
For atleast in exchange you would have my mercy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Thought

I thought I lost it,
On a brand new path to tread.
I thought it would not linger,
From then and for days to come.

I thought I was ready.
Open arms to welcome somebody.
And I thought I learnt a lesson,
For living my life with no past reason.

And just when I thought to embrace thy,
Came forth the lost bait I realize,
That the song once sung,
now lost its touch,
And somehow I got haunted by it again.

The harder I tried,
The tougher it became.
Addicted to its touch,I'm unable to regain.
I thought I overcame the pain,
To love and be somebodys again
But the lost pearl still lingers its thoughts,
And I am back caught in my own world.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Last Dance

I thought I had the chance,
If not just another,
but for a last dance.
I touched her hands,
and held her close,
On her waist rests my hands,
And with rhythm chimes her toes.

I look deep inside,
of her pupils alive.
Her lowly laid eyes,
where her beauty resides.
She passes a smile as light as a feather,
touched by the tenderness, her love prospers.

And I took her by her arms,
raised her above her stance.
Breathe warm round her neck,
took her in my own deck,
blew apart the melody of her hair,
whispered the words, I longed to share,
Though this dance might be the last,
If not in body I can,
Would preserve it in soul as now I am.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Washed away in Rain

She saw me through the dripping drops,
the drops wavering my soaring hopes.
My eyelids heavy wet and low,
but there still lingered a smile below.

She held her hands in a quivering fit,
And held her breath like a sword in a sheath.
Closed her eyes and tasted the rain,
To just say, she'll be gone.
Never be back again.

My lips faked a subtle smile.
And raised a toast high.
Of memories and time,
All spent in a merry sublime.

And she turned around,
her faltering steps echoing away.
Relieved to see the relief at bay,
She saw his peace on face.
But failed to see those precious drain,
Mixed with love and pain,
His tears washed away in rain...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Never Close yet a Departure

In the air,
Tasting the air of affection.
The times been contagious.
Seems like the prize for I've waited for.
For now remains nothing for me to mature.
And I long to find her.

Got a photograph of her smile.
The distance playing its own tune,
With each of her steps going away by miles,
from this processed sanity
And I weaken with each song it sings.

Hope still lingers on.
Has my conscience shown?
Has the springs wind blown?
The kindness all disappeared?
And I drink my own solitude.
Sitting alone amidst the empty crowd.

So I tread the path,
High up where I find me to myself,
Stand by the cliff,
Looking below to the see the familiarity,
tears shadowing my eyes,
and a still laughter across my face flies,
watching below the world I know,
Which to her I never could show....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Query in the Air

Ask a bee,
How it feels,
to be without the nector,
from the beloved flower's seeds.

Ask a bird,
How it feels,
to be without wings,
barred from the freedom to be with the sky.

Ask a lady,
How it feels,
Bound by age,
Beauty lost rolled in reels.

Ask a man
How it feels,
To love a woman,
But not her feelings instilled.

Ask a soul,
How it feels,
to not feel the touch
out of the mortal body peeled.

Ask thyself
how it feels,
to have been ripped off the root,
with distance most grieved,
A beat thy hear near,
but thy heart hither.
and still thy cherish
Life's still at its best.
Cause if you ask me again,
I still know to love,
nevertheless the distance might be there,
nevertheless we might be strangers off face,
nevertheless a love one-sided,
But, no reason for any detest.
Livin' life to the fullest.....