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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sneak In

Yesterday I was parsing through my old albums,
Sniffin' they essence of my old photographs,
Once Lived, now Cherished.
And I see myself evolving into someone
to whom I never thought of it before at that time.

A mischivious, prankster, jumpy lad
back in my school days,
Bag full of books and comics,
to keep my class going and
My basket full of food
to silence my stomach echoin'.

And by the time the school started reflecting me,
I was in my college days.
Four Years of my beautiful and wonderful days lived
Amidst strangers and later friends for a lifetime,
Lived amidst others, Living as one,
while there always was everyone.
A carefree and happy go lucky days in store.

And by the time I laid down on my back,
looking at the blue sky,
I wake up to find myself suited and booted
going to the office.
A regular monotonous life,
And still making life fun as much as I can.
Since life can only be boring until we ourselves are boring enough.
And still smile and laughter trickling
through heavy showers of tests and assignments.

And for those who are reading this,
Might have noticed,
That it was just yesterday that
I briefed through a small history of my life
And I do believe its still a long way down.
And it might be funny but still intriguing
That I still am discovering myself...