Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not When I knew...

And not when I knew I was lost,
I held onto the parched cloth,
of once when it belonged to her,
the heat seeping in and hugged to it smiling me.

And not when I knew, the path was gone,
I followed the same old shadow,
of once when her and mine were one,
of now it reflected only mine.

And not when I knew, the voice disappeared,
I hummed to the same old song,
of when I heard the melody of it,
Now only words, but the music all lost.

And last when I knew, I was lost,
The parched cloth still wound around,
The shadow less path still flowed ahead,
the song still heard distantly
Yet my hope never failed,
I walk on the path all over again...

Sunday, March 20, 2011


An aide called Faith
did never I found.
Lest I cry should I never frown,
An aide called Faith did never I need
Am happy to just stop others' crying bleeds.

An aide called Faith, never did call,
when needed most when I did fall.
An aide called Faith did I never recall,
I claim my future with my present standing tall.

An aide called Faith, did never remembered
when lost in paradise, I burned in hell.
An aide called Faith, did even I forgot,
I remained calm smiling on my wound's shell.

An aide called Faith, did now give me her glimpse,
of when forgotten and lost, I saw her beauty gleam.
An aide called Faith I called on her again.
But now she dissapeared amidst the silhouttes, only me to be blamed.
And I like an animal with the first blood taste,
now wring in pain, fallen in love
with her shadows on broken panes
Taken the bait, I search for thee,
my lost Faith in you, for I know
Thou shalt find your Faith in me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Messege

The hands do never rest
Clocks its tick tock ways,
& so many words just get swallowed
amidst the waves of million hollows.

O thee, the breeze that blows,
Send my message, echo thy glows.
Read my lips, my heart that shouts
the loud silence echoin' around.

If once lest your breath just slow,
Should my rhythm apart, that she might know.
The tumbling feet may never rise.
For her will see even my closed eyes.