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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Faceless Woman

A long shadow of a faceless woman, strolling the dark corridors along the silent rooms, peeking through the dark loots of the corner trying to hear the cherubim outside, the talks and laughter that echoes just outside the horizon where she limited herself off and she still peeks, afraid to let them smear.
She takes a deep breathe inside, she closes her eyes, she goes back strolling in the backyard of her mind and she now sees herself too deeply in things that she had prioritized for life long, that which she kept herself bounded with. Too ambitious to just escape for a second to listen the hymns of the nature outside defining it as the steps towards her future she saw herself growing but she still saw the larking shadow somewhere.
Time passed and she smiled though a vague one. Somehow vague she referred to her smile as and when she failed defining her own conscience with herself she defined herself as being different from others and down the line claimed to have an edge over others. And thus she started living a life which she herself made it up for herself and for people around her. Slowly and gradually she turned from a girl to a beautiful maiden and then started her life being a woman in the society. She took time as her slave, and her beauty to be her master, her words and wisdom as plans and people who we referred as friends for her became pawns on the chessboard. A touch which a woman preserves for her lifetime, she started using it to befall the pawns that fell on her path as specks of dirt. Friendship had no meaning unless she got bored with the fallen angels and wanted another and love for her lost its worth since the woman's touch which she had a pride on was now sold.
People came and people went and life as she saw it was fun and adventurous. But every adventure has its own ending. And even it had for her too. Because the day neared when she believed she got someone to stand by her side in her life, she relied on him with all her might, she trusted him, she loved him and last but not the least she lived for him but what came next made her look in awe cause she saw herself beaten on the same board on which she had been playing her game for centuries to go. Broke through her glass, shattered her beliefs,the world where she lived in cracked all over and light seeped through within, the light of knowledge, the light of life, the light of understanding and the light which she never wanted to accept.
And in ignorance of accepting the truth, she slid back to the lurking shadows she saw once but ignore it building her own fake world. She drew her own sketch of life and when the colors went haywire, her heart got conquered by darkness and she gradually slid back into the shadows. And now after this time she opens her eyes again and watches the butterflies outside swinging freely and she with her beauty trapped behind her own build shackles, no tear to drop by, no happiness to come by, no smile to light her, no eyes to glance by, trapped in her own shadow filled with ignorance and remorse. And she walked by with a candle in one hand to see her beauty once most admired. She stops by the mirror round the corner and puts the candle high for its light and what she saw was not a thing to wonder since the ignorance, the fear, the betrayal, formed in forth A FACELESS WOMAN.

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