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What Thy Seek

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who do You want to Deny!!!

Who do you want to deny
A hidden hope of being
in the thick of things
And yet pretend to stay low and say
I'm just another human being.

Who do you want to deny
when you breathe in the truth
and yet live on a lie
or is it the truth now creeps in
and burns you like on a living pyre

Who do you want to deny
of people who fell for you
but you for none could live
yet you found your reasons to
sting the feelings that remained.

Who do you want to deny
of all the love you fell for
of things you still said did exist
yet they no longer by your side do exist.

Who do you want to deny
that you have betrayed the love
and in return have kissed the traitors
its not choosing the wrong makes you different
but making it right that makes you a human.

Who do you want to deny
that you failed to be the one
of things you proclaimed to be
of people you boast to be with
of relationships you fell in
of friends you claim to be with
I ask thee again,
Do you still deny to be
a lone stranger
amidst your own known hungry crowd
which you know will slowly cease to exist.
And live on a lie
and still blame the world around
of never understanding thee...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You never Know

You never know,
until you've sown,
The seeds of your deeds
& embrace the one's all ready grown.

You never know,
Until you feel,
The love that you've shared
& the one's you received.

You never know,
until you've seen.
The bare strangeness of the facts
& yet fiction you still breathe.

You never know,
until you would believe.
The vastness of this life's blessings
& the impossibility to know everything.

PS: A lame output of an idle mind... :)