Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Friday, September 25, 2009


Were I to depart,
to the cold fury,
For sometimes things just do not go my way!!!

Were I to depart,
to the threads of tears,
For the times when I lost someone close to my heart!!!

Were I to depart,
to the reign of fire and jealousy,
when Love gets sold round every dark alleys!!!!

Were I to depart,
to the darkness,
when I lit a candle and say a prayer for her,
and the light is dimmed and gone!!!!

Were I to depart,
to the unknown fear,
When age has to rot this precious youth today!!!!

Were I to depart,
when the world fights for peace,
and blood still flows in the name of it!!!!

And if departing were so simple,
I would not be a human anymore,
Born with a fate,
amidst the dark clouds of thunder,
lest I forget to enjoy the wonder of the dripping blessing,
life and its beauty,
And I just can't let it go....

Tugged Apart...

What is it that keeps lingering to me?
From the dark corners of life I lived long.
What is it that keeps haunting me on?
Bewildered, they keep coming strong.

How is it I still feel the blaze of noon,
While I look up to the setting sun,
How is it I feel this chilled cold
Yet I stand to face the burning gun.

A shot of bullet, a piercing sound
echoes a hole around
through my body bone and flesh,
Yet no blood round my mesh.

The scar still sore,
Yet to heal
But I wondered who did it?
Why these Goosebumps chill up my neck?
of things undone and I still regret.

At last I could see the blood ooze out
Not 'Present' nor 'Future'
My 'Past' revolved around
And I being helpless look around
How do I cling off this hungry hound?

Hollow sounds rechoted within,
And day in and day out,
My vain efforts got bound
Sometimes I could find myself at rest
Just to turn around for another mess.

The soil go soft beneath,
My feet and toes go all numb,
I sow down deeper into land
My past sucks me into the never-ending quicksand!!

But arrogant and ignorant me,
failed to see those smiles around
of not mockery or jeer,
A hand of help lent out.
And all I did was to look away
And follow trails to the smiles of the dead.

And now, I realized my folly,
forgot my worth of being jolly.
Of what I meant for others was first,
Welcomed my present all happy and glory.

I held up my hand
to hold those around
A hug, a push, affection I felt,
Oh. the past still dreads behind,
but I am too loved by 'Present'
Happy and glorified to let it bend....