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What Thy Seek

Thursday, August 25, 2011

If I had been God

If I had been God,
I could have their wishes granted
of those in need,
And for those stranded.
But where would lie the essence of hope
of having my own
and with eyes closed, pray them in a bow?

If I had been God,
I could have the eternal knowledge
to share it with those
who seek them for ages.
But where would lie my curiosity
of having them known
and the feeling to learn new?

If I had been God,
I could give love,
to those who never knew what it is,
To those who lost them and never regained.
But where shalt lie my own heart,
of feeling it alive
and the satiation of loving with my own might?

If I had been God,
I could shower friends,
to those alone and gone
to those who never could get none.
But where did lie their value,
to have their warmth
and to be someone not feared or prayed,
but accepted as I am?

And If I had been God,
I would reborn as someone
to know what it feels to touch,
to have wishes and my prayers,
to learn things lost and forgotten,
to love someone beyond imagination,
to be someones' and have someone as a friend
And for a thousand lives of God span
To just be a human again...


ruchi jain said...

Awesome, really one of your best creation...

patsy said...

I love the new look of your blog. I am sorry that I have not talked with you lately. This past year has been very busy. Almost a roller coaster. New grandbaby, MAXWELL, and working on a book. I will try to email you in a few day.