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Friday, August 5, 2011

Who am I to Judge

Who am I to judge
of the choices made
when the realm at an end
yet the faces fail.

Who am I to judge
of the plays played dark
when the audience still claps
yet the truth did always lack.

Who am I to judge
of the ages past
when lust and love dances far
yet the face smile without a scar.

Who am I to judge
of the lonely roads walked
when the crowd still chatters
yet the shadow seem to float
the being flowing simply apart.

And who am I to judge
of those feelings shared
when they never felt forth
Neither will be they be felt,
Nor could they be again adored.

And If I were to judge,
it would only be me
of my choices of my role
of my lust to love with a lone feeling's bold
of me being me,
And thus shalt thee grow old.

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