Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Saturday, April 21, 2012


A friend indeed,
A very good one
Traits just like you,
But with a lost knot,
And hence you are you
And yes he remains
A very good friend.

A friend who might know me
like a coral beneath the ocean
like looking someone clear
in a pitch black darkness
held by the thin thread
of a very divine call
and yet you are you
traits very similar indeed
but yes he remains
a very good friend.

A friend who suppose to have
lost his feelings
of what his life now
pretending he believed
and yet he likes me I know
and breathes me in his reels
and hence i now think
How you are you
and he just remains
A very good friend?

A friend whose faces
never the world has seen,
but relflects like a baby
in front of me
When you weren't there
He held me
Yet you are You?
And he remains a very good friend!!!

Stitched by her own words,
once given to the one
the one she believes
of traits so similar
yet his commitment strong.
She bowed her head,
Her eyes so wet
I have given myself to him,
I am sorry,
You are just a very good friend