Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Friday, May 23, 2014

My Dream Box

I have this box
locked up with my dreams
of spaces and hills
and running in the mist.

But I lost what i had,
of what made these come to life
of things that cease to exist
to my dreams I lost the keys!

And I searched for it everywhere
of places that were never there.

But just smokes and dust
of the past lingered
yet neither the shine nor the luster wandered...

And in dismay, I trod the path.
Of destiny that I often met
on the road to avoid
that should never be tread.

And yet we never do give it a thought
of the spaces
round the corner of our heart,
where shalt we lie,
truly in our shelter of love
of deep within,
exists us,
the real soul that enjoys the show,
And when I met him,
he had the glow,
of the tiny little thing I wanted to know
to which now the box clicks open
And yes, I have my dreams again!!!