Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Sunday, July 25, 2010

She could still...

His odor still etched on to her,
She could still smell him on the sheets,
His touch alive on her,
And she could hear his fast heart beats.

The tender touch tickling her hair,
His breath still whispers by her neck.
She could still feel the rhythm of his grasps,
His eyes closed but reflects her beauty yet.

The strong hold of his arms still sketched,
Curled in him, she could feel his kisses stretched.
She could still feel the touch of his bare chest
those tender moments blown, she never wanted.

But if things wished was granted thy,
There would be no memories to live by.
She could still feel his taste in her,
And she wanted time to freeze in his love forever .

But here she was in those same sheets,
Stinking in his love, she hated to admit.
She longed to see her in those closed eyes,
But adamant believing this is how is her life.

And she never returned to search thy,
Adamant as she, she thought she'd survive.
But his tender touches still reminds of him,
Of how she threw his love and gradually murdered him.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Might the color be the glory you like,
Might the color reign the world high,
Might I be detested of everybody' sight
But I am the one found by everyone's' side.

Might I be present as a source unknown,
Might be invisible still visible to none,
Might I be heard as the left lone,
But still I reside in your heart, blood and bone.

Might the darkness be me ,
The light pierce me through.
But in my womb rests thee,
the light as defined grow.

I am the color that covers the sight,
I am the one that grows outside your light,
I am the one that lays by everybody's side,
Might there be a color you lack,
I am the boundary of the universe's back,
None other than I am the color Black.