Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Subtlety

There was a subtlety
In that smile to see.
The innocence reflected
Off the still water thee.
An enlightening soul
Thee called me near
From far away beyong the reach.
Yet the burning desire 
Just to be there
Right beside where
You and I breathed the same air.

There's a subtlety
To your hair
Shone like the silent water off the melting ice
Flowing swiftly swaying in the cold breeze
A soft scent of despair,
A smell of that fresh air
For miles apart, thy silk route shone
As the fall pouring from the mountain comes
To a place where 
I would wait and see
Just mine and my reflection from thee.

There's a subtlety
To those words spoken
Soft as a tap 
On the windows of pouring rain.
The droplets fall 
Yet hoping against na hope could never meet. 
Echoing their distant words in a silent murmur,
Of the times remembered
Yet forgotten under the same ol pain.

& Those subtle 
Moments I yearned for,
Never understood those seconds that was close by.
Missed in a heartbeat
For numbers and this materialism drove me far
I stood beyond the wall
Over my ripped soul apart,
Searching for my happiness in thy smile,
I subtly walk away,
My footsteps reveries far,
Yet echoes in her reminiscent heart.