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Friday, January 21, 2011

With a Smile...

Calm and with a beguile smile,
She asked the same question again,
Is it too hard to forget the one,
with whom once time passed,
And the hands of the clock won't return.

A face she kept clear,
shed those lines of curiosity,
well hidden by her beautiful smile,
she would turn and quest again,
That is it too much a toll to forget.

She would look away,
Into the abyss,
smile and hit tenderly,
Look back right into the eye
and ask, Isnt being fair,
is next to being beautiful.

And I keep my silence,
replying the answers,
For the present so blessed,
The past seems long undressed.
For so much the toll it takes,
Lest I forget the moment,
should today comes to a brake.
If fair would've defined beauty,
then your smile and your face,
Even the word beauty would've failed its duty.

And I look into her eyes,
And see what she finally thinks of me.
And for the time in silence away while,
I answer her quest with another smile.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Illusion

"She loves me? She Loves me Not. She Loves Me? She Loves me Not."- and the petals of the rose fell apart one by one on the soft ground beneath with this slow chanting of my heart. And as the sands of time seep-ed through, the rose bush beside me was slowly becoming naked of its blossoms and if it wasn't for that familiar red hat that I saw from behind the bushes, I would have started to uproot the rose plant.

And there she was, wearing a blazing red hat, small twinkling earings of the shape of a guitar, a sleek silver bracelet in her left arm, a jet black top and a pink capri, she stood in front of me and that was the most beautiful scene I could ever imagine of at that very moment. Spell-bounded and mystified my jaw dropped down, I kept on staring at her and by the time I got my sense back, I could see people around gazing at me wide eyes as though I was some kind of a loafer on the street. Embarrassed on myself i saw the drooping stem of the rose in my hand and threw it away. She caught me throwing the stem away and said "Again???"

I met her three years back at my sister's marriage. Wearing a red lehanga, I saw her giggling amidst her friends. Well all girls giggles, but for what reason, I still haven't managed to figure it out. But then, at that moment I was stuck in a moment through those giggles and her smiles and thought that she is the one and none could be as beautiful as she could be. Somehow I managed to have a chat with her and out of the blues, I took up the courage to ask her out for coffee and thats how it all started. I still remember the day and date when i bent on my knees proposed her on a street full of strangers. And what did she reply? NOTHING!!!....A soft smile and then vanish away. An Illusion!!!

Three years passed away and I still am waiting for an answer. Tomorow she is going to leave for bangalore for further studies but it isn't for the fact that she is going away that is making me sulk but the fact that she is in love with someone else and hence following her path that would lead her to him. Infact, this also isn't the fact thats making me sulk, but the wait for an answer even now when I know she is in love with an other person is what making me all the more impatient.

I accompanied her to the airport the following day. I could see her tears round the corners of her eye and I could feel there still is something between us that could be reaped through, but somehow there is this dam inside her pupils that is stopping those tears to drop off her shiny plated eyelashes. And finally when the time came for us to part our ways, I asked her for the last time for an answer and with a beguile smile and a tender touch on my cheek, she vanishes away again. An Illusion.

Its been years and I still am waiting for an answer. Waiting in vain, searching trying to hear a familiar voice around me just to answer my old question- "Do you Love me?". And suddenly it felt like Gods answering to my prayer, I saw her emerging out the fog, jumping and singing merrily, running off towards me with a face so happy that one could ever be and she crossed the fence with a leap and stood in front of me. But wait! Whats This? The happy face was not there anymore. She somehow looked astonished at the scene she saw. She took her hand out of her pocket and tried to rub off a deep layer of dust from a stone that lay ahead. And I could see those beautiful pearl drop down her face from her eyes. She was crying. She fell on the ground and read the name read on the tombstone- MY NAME. She broke all apart. With a kiss to the dead, she then said through those wet eyes and broken heart- "I am back for you. And heres your answer- Yes I do Love you".

And now my wait ended. Standing beside here in soul but with no body and bones, I could see her, but couldn't touch her and feel her, I stand there helpless and turn my feet away. Now it was the real time for us to part our ways. My wait ended but this time it wasn't her but me who vanished away. AN ILLUSION!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let Us....

Let us go for a dance again,
drenched by the skin, poured drops in rain.
Or are those days so past by,
Cheeks wetted by tears
And the dry heart cry insane?

Let us go down that bridge again,
Which trembled by our bare footsteps on the lane.
Or is it the fear that reside in,
Of where you put your foot
on ground may never sink?

Let us walk down those alleys again,
Where our chorus echoed the dark lane,
and the silence had been our sole audience.
Or do you back down your steps still,
The darkness and the silence engulfing you again?

Let us dream our world again,
Where never did we depart,
Or is it the cards, that got rusted
The castle you fear would never sustain.

Let us not repeat history again,
Of what once happened should be a mystery again.
Why I ask should we ever look back,
or was that all just a dream,
And just a tingle touch remain?....
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A familiar turning round the corner,
The same old road, the same old air.
The shops still remain the same,
And memories even bring faces bare.

The age old bookshop on the street,
The same old shop selling the unforgettable tea.
The smell of nicotine even smells fair,
Of the one selling poochkas by the square.

The old wry smile of the old guy on chair,
Who used to call by for an evening care.
strange though the relationship was,
Being such strong, none knew what our names was....

The old coffee place on the same old seat,
Laughing, smiling lost in the beat.
Of friends around with the same old face,
And even smiling, yet none before present.

The same old addiction to this never ending drug,
Family of strangers, and relatives as friends,
tea served in mudden cups,
food eaten on fresh leaves green,
a smile, a tear smeared and shared,
faces yet varied, yet heart the same,
And howsoever they try the warmth remains,
And truly the spirit raises a toast,
Filling you with happiness most.
Welcome to the same old city,
the city of joy the city of preety.