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Friday, January 21, 2011

With a Smile...

Calm and with a beguile smile,
She asked the same question again,
Is it too hard to forget the one,
with whom once time passed,
And the hands of the clock won't return.

A face she kept clear,
shed those lines of curiosity,
well hidden by her beautiful smile,
she would turn and quest again,
That is it too much a toll to forget.

She would look away,
Into the abyss,
smile and hit tenderly,
Look back right into the eye
and ask, Isnt being fair,
is next to being beautiful.

And I keep my silence,
replying the answers,
For the present so blessed,
The past seems long undressed.
For so much the toll it takes,
Lest I forget the moment,
should today comes to a brake.
If fair would've defined beauty,
then your smile and your face,
Even the word beauty would've failed its duty.

And I look into her eyes,
And see what she finally thinks of me.
And for the time in silence away while,
I answer her quest with another smile.

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