Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This familiar scent brushes the evening.

I have had this essence a long time back
I remember the smell yet again,
Strangely never wanted to but in midst of it
I am back to where I started years back in the rain.

And the smell takes me back
to where had only me
and none to look back
Just me and my breathe
and the world at bay
none cared to look my way.

And yet I smiled,
a curl of the lips,
a twitch in my hips,
And I gave away my everything
None that remained with me
Weak and dead, strangled by the neck
The blood all rushed from my feet.

And the same scent brings forth
the same old days
of now only me again
the world again at bay
The shadow even lost in its sway.
And i reckoned the scent's ray.
I had lost it all
I shall never regain

Come my friend, I have known you'd be back
Come loneliness, come take me away...

Solitude is the profoundest fact of human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone, and the only one who realize himself in another.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Shards of Glasses

And the peices all scattered aside,
strangled by my own guide
All they reflect is thy
belief, trust and love
lost and burned, laughed and mocked
Played like a child's toy.

Ripped they lay all around,
every peice makes be bound.
A deep gash,
A spill of blood,
and thy menancing smile
leave the deepest wound.

And yet I try to collect
peices by peices
to make them whole,
and thy mock standing
batter the remains
neither tears, nor feelings,
you smashed me in and out.

I shalt rise,
walking on these same shards
and might someday thy may realise,
its not just words,
A heart is what makes someone a Human!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Play

It was all a play,
the curtain closed a long way.
And I still played the role
unknown in solitude my soul.

The lights were dimmed,
The stage was clean,
Tthe applause still thundered
jeered and mocked on my blunder.

And there amidst I could see the face.
Smiling, pretending as always.
a senile smile on the murderer's face,
ripped my heart with an ominous grace.

I lay dead face on the mud,
breathing the sole scent I had known.
But a whisper down by my side
get up, its just another play
your role is yet to go.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Dry Face of Destiny

Neither words, nor the song
Shall mend the roads once walked.
Neither touch nor love 
can bring back whats lost and will be gone.

Neither bonds, nor destiny
shall take me back where I belonged.
Neither solace, nor solitude
would make me again strong.

Neither laugh, nor tears
shall now fall off the face.
Neither the soul, nor eyes
can see what lies beneath my fears.

For I have seen, eyes pounding beats
on what I loved and believed back to be.
For I have seen the longing back towards,
For a friend to a friend indeed.

For I have believed more
On the wretched lines etched long ago.
For all I know happiness never did,
Yet sorrow rejoiced its glow.

For all I've feared
to have seen unknown faces.
For all I fear that truth lost,
Only shattered glasses prevailed.

And I amidst those shards,
walk on a bloodied path.
My soul, my life my blood
Still shouts till my breathe last

The dry face of destiny
still laughs in the echoing silence,
for what thy felt,
lest you should go
For what I felt
You'll always be felt,
 for ages to come
and ages to go.... 

Saturday, April 21, 2012


A friend indeed,
A very good one
Traits just like you,
But with a lost knot,
And hence you are you
And yes he remains
A very good friend.

A friend who might know me
like a coral beneath the ocean
like looking someone clear
in a pitch black darkness
held by the thin thread
of a very divine call
and yet you are you
traits very similar indeed
but yes he remains
a very good friend.

A friend who suppose to have
lost his feelings
of what his life now
pretending he believed
and yet he likes me I know
and breathes me in his reels
and hence i now think
How you are you
and he just remains
A very good friend?

A friend whose faces
never the world has seen,
but relflects like a baby
in front of me
When you weren't there
He held me
Yet you are You?
And he remains a very good friend!!!

Stitched by her own words,
once given to the one
the one she believes
of traits so similar
yet his commitment strong.
She bowed her head,
Her eyes so wet
I have given myself to him,
I am sorry,
You are just a very good friend

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And Then came Along!!

Her eyes shows her mace,
Her anger flows in tears,
Of those things away she gaze
The happiness she forgot in years.

She rests her head
On her lonely bed
Waiting for answers to her prayers,
But blessed are those,
For who sins most,
The innocents are just left to bear.

And comes along a face,
She thought she knew.
Her eyes had captured all her moments,
Yet she never believed her conscience.

For those arms were not for her,
Those eyes always closed.
A thin curl of those lips,
A smile for every second that goes.

And yet she felt betrayed,
For she refused the myriad maze,
Of games that fell off the board,
And atlast she found him down the road.

For what she thought
That she'd find
For what she dreamt
To meditate her mind,
He instead just brushed her side,
A few hairs hooked by her ears,
A slight glint from his tears,
For he found peace in her arms,
And she solace that she thought she had lost.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Let You Go

A lone alley amidst the dark lights,
As subtle a smile for a glow,
A touch of the skin, a whisper akin,
We need to talk,
Just breath, its just another talk,
On a long long walk.

And you had so much to say,
Yet unheard you went.
And amidst the million words hay,
You kept me guessing at a smile away.

And so much for your deeds,
For the sake of your beliefs,
The more I know, the less they seemed.
A passion lost amidst the age,
Yet so much for my espionage

For I had risen from the runes,
Of known brittle walls of my remnants.
For that brief time you looked from bay,
Had the courage spoken,
Today we could have our say.
 And yet you gave ignorance a chance,
We met again in these myriad patterns' dance.
In a city so new,
Yet the same ol' place,
Of smell of caffeine in your breath
And yet a shining smile on your face.

Off amidst your disappearing silhouette,
I spoke my words with a bow.
I saw the castle take the blow
And the bricks tattered down in a row.
Yet intact remained the smile
And a thought hitch for a while,
Had I found a friend, or rather another foe?

Nurturing a seed for a thought to sow.
Had been time, had it ever grown.
But alas I killed it way before
I'm sorry, I just had to let you go.