Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where You Belong...

Look into my eyes,
To see the beauty I behold.
Like the nature's true essence galore.
The reason of mine being sole,
To taste the truth and purity of your soul.

Look into my heart to feel,
The rhythm once lost in the beats.
The song sung in deep reverie,
Echoin' the sweet nightingale's spree.

Look into me,
And hold my hand,
Feel the warmth
and make me glad.
Hold it like you'd never leave it,
Yes it might not be the heavens above.
But I know you know.
Kiss the palm to realize long.
Its someplace better than those,
It's the place where you know that you belong....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Does it Seems....

Does it seems like the same old game?
Me looking down hoping for you again.
Does it seems like the same old window?
Where once my reflection reflected high and low.

Does it seems like the same old field?
where dreams were real and castles in air we built.
Does it seems like the same old breeze?
where our lone words got echoed along with it.

Does it sees like the same old bridge?
where the broken lay the railway tracks dimly lit.
Does it seems like the same cozy place?
where the beans smelled great and a fag and a haze.

It might not be the same old days,
But does it seems like the time gave its way?
where days to come to be happy and gay.
Does it seems like my way in pain?
where i will live and make memories alive again.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Devil

I thought I knew
Of what she said,
But what I knew,
She would never say.
And I thought I knew
What she would've said,
Until I knew there was
nothing left to say.....

Innocent the face looked thine,
The devil inside smiling shine,
Her lips read the story of felony,
Kissed by flames, my heart wondered why....

Oh!!!..She knew me well, what she thought
She thought she read the last page
of me written for her to sought.
But what I pity, hers was all flying pages,
none in order and None for the sages.

Now the devil smiled in me in turn.
Sinister yet gullible like a cruel Hannibal,
Of what I feared the most, did happen here.
Her empty body echoing like a shell.
Neither was she nor her soul was there.