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What Thy Seek

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Devil

I thought I knew
Of what she said,
But what I knew,
She would never say.
And I thought I knew
What she would've said,
Until I knew there was
nothing left to say.....

Innocent the face looked thine,
The devil inside smiling shine,
Her lips read the story of felony,
Kissed by flames, my heart wondered why....

Oh!!!..She knew me well, what she thought
She thought she read the last page
of me written for her to sought.
But what I pity, hers was all flying pages,
none in order and None for the sages.

Now the devil smiled in me in turn.
Sinister yet gullible like a cruel Hannibal,
Of what I feared the most, did happen here.
Her empty body echoing like a shell.
Neither was she nor her soul was there.

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