Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Questions

How does it feel when you know,
you can't love anyone apart from the one
You probably will never be with?
Would this fact ever reduce your love for her?
or would just wearing that pretentious smile,
ever paint the grey heart of yours?
Or would that stop you from doing things,
The way she found it to be good?
Or would it be like another sleepless night
Writhing in pain under your hood?
Or would it ever stop you from seeing her,
Though ages apart she been never there?
Or would you just bow your head smiling for her happiness,
When you know the unamounted happiness for her
remains in that heart of yours stored?

And if these questions shout out loud for answers,
You smile in your heart,
And realize how you start loving even harder.
And if not perturbed by any of these,
Let's stop for a moment, go back in time.
And learn what is love for now and hereafter...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

He Cries in Prayers

Strange are the ways he crossed the paths,
With someone determined to be never apart
But still unseen amidst the seen he walked,
Always far, the distance would never depart.

And lest they would haunt,
He should close his eyes.
But how shall the etched image vanish,
Should the tears wash it away,
Of what was dreamt can only be a dream again.

The livid angst never does lose,
A happy yet hollow mask he wore,
And his smile worth a million to others'
But not the one returned, for him to smother.

Now even the pandora's box seems empty,
Blood as words flow as ink,
The body becomes the mortal pen
And life as the page for a living diary.
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Monday, February 14, 2011


Amidst the crowd,
She walked away Careless,
as a stranger her footsteps lay,
Never cared for what be there ahead,
Though being seen, she got lost again.

Glimpses I sought in words around,
Of those few memories found,
the dust never did sublime on,
the age old album never lost ground.

Her smile spoke a thousand words,
her eyes blinked a million thoughts,
her tantrums like those priceless songs,
for her words , I have always longed.

I quench my thirst drinking the distance,
letters in red kept by her side,
the age old smile which marked her grace,
A memoir of her the god has sent.
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Reaper and the Soul

His soul clanged to lifeless body,
His breath low, dazed and gloomy,
A thin curve on his lips,
Hugged by death, yet the smile slips.

And the Reaper stood by his side,
through his holocaust cloak, eyes gleamed sharp
carrying his scythe larger than life
He asked the soul why it still did bind?

The soul replied in turn,
for it didn't feel the way,
Nor do exist touch nor the pain,
neither the blowing air, nor the scent,
but just the coldness of your scythe ahead

It's only the body, now that remains
that reminds me of her
of how it felt,
to breathe her in and never let go
in those arms, It felt like home again.