Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Utopia

Theres a road outside the lawn,
where spinning in the silence,
life moves to dusk from dawn.

And people lurk the corners of it
with a peace in mind,

In a state of pitiable apathy,
With faces glowing with fake kind.
Rage and Courage all set to hover,
but at their very need, sublime,
And at times when they are to be showered,
All they do is just run for cover.
OH! What a crap this world has become,
Bombings and shells everywhere.
Rules in is the terror and fear
And innocence is murdered with cunning spear.
Pyre burns high
of those who never meant to be there,
And roses turn pale
in the draining rain,
Falling on the graves like bouquet of flowers.
Is it the world we offered to accept?
Is it for what we opened our eyes?
In search of someone falling off to pieces,
Someone drowned in pain
And gradually love and peace slowly drain.

Oh, its time for all of us to know
of what means peace and to live a life,
with tranquility and courage in our heart,
We now set out to conquer the world.
A world free of wars and fights,
A world free of their terror heights,
A world sewn with the fragments of people
with love and peace on a high ride.
No color, no religion, no reason what may
Can ever be again breed our dismay.
And hence with our new enthusia
We try to build our world of Utopia.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Sweet Solitude

I can hear the footsteps tapping
On the happy and gale moments alive.
Dancing to the tunes of the melody
To the song sung by the bees in their hives,
of those dropping dews from those leaves,
To the tripping drop of rain on my eyes,
of the cool wind gushing through my hair,
To the soft splash of puddle on the road,
of those laughter and giggles that float,
To those happy faces I see everyday,
of those hopeful glances of the orange bloom over the horizon,
To those lazy gazing at stars aeon.
And I happen to enjoy every rhythm around,
Tapping my foot, my happiness unbound.
To the life I'm living and lucky to live,
What others say a life of Gratitude,
And I, dancing to the song of innocence, name it "The Sweet Solitude".

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A lullaby of Memories

Yesterday I called up everyone I knew on my cellphone,
I was in a strange park,
poorly playing the first guitar.
Yellow moon, right now the Moon is softly telling
you to open your eyes.
Young man, you are still dreaming.
Dream on....
Dream on....
Turn around, you are not alone.
Dream on, when will we meet?
Everyday, every night, until you reach the light,
I am sending you all my scattered emotions.
Magical chords change, a sleepless town.
A special guitar solo, in a soft minor key.
Of my lullaby of memories.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The One-Man Parade

As the wind blows, these painful memories won't disappear.
What were you thinking as you collected the old songs into one?
There is no second chance,
There is no second chance.
To throw it away, I'm such a fool.
The image of becoming innocent
That definitely won't end.
That definitely won't end.
Burn, this heart of love,
And cross a thousand dreams.
Run about as you please,
And seize the world in your hands.
The clouds scatter,
And the sun sets again.
This one man parade starts to move.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beauty in those Eyes

Time was less, for me to be there,
For I knew I have to leave.
And strange are the ways of the world,
I came across her when I shouldn't have been.

Though I thought a glimpse wouldn't matter.
A word or two would that just be,
But who did know, that it would be
Someone to be in my dreams daily.

I'm always wrapped up with things I can't win,
But still lies a hope within,
And however strong I might seem,
That glimpse really did bring the child within beaming.

A strange shiver shook me up,
An odd silence echoed around,
I was awed by the beauty of it,
Those eyes, a glimpse, that's all I remember.

A glance full of laughter and joy,
A glance to make me feel transparent,
A glance to change a man to a boy,
A glance, enough to make me faint,
A glance, I thought would see again,
A glance. I long for it insane,
A glance, never to be forgotten,
A glance, flowing through my heart's terrain.

For a moment I saw a beautiful glance,
I thought it won't make much of a difference,
But with each blink I saw
A thousand angels dance
And down the way I went into a deep trance.
For reasons unknown, but, I do want a chance,
To swim in those beautiful ocean that never did last
'cause it came and swept away so fast
And left me wandering in those lovely orchid aghast.

Dreaming Reality.

He was walking along a mountain road
In the cool, clear blue of watered ink.
Everything was quite in the blue light of dawn.
Far below, swathed in mist,
was the shadow of his small love.
Was the woman who seemed forth he sought down there?
The woman he needed so badly, he could think of little else.
Oh! It might be a dream,
of the long lost sunbeam.
He tried to remember what he had seen,
But all that came back was a blissful oblivion
And the outline of the one cradled in his arm,
Bathed in the glorious first ray of the sun.


I stood still apart from the crowd in a narrow moonlit lane,
My shadow flickered in and out,
Through the branches of overhanging trees breaking in the moonlight.
And gradually my eyes got accustomed to the lack of light,
And slowly my shadow came into the sight.
What marked was my bare chest, hairless,
And through the gloom my eyes red,
the air choked with a sudden loneliness.
Scorched by the ferocity of my gaze,
A pinch of solitude marked the maze,
And I stood alone in the narrow moonlit lane.
The solitude darkness did take to drown in a while
And somehow my lip less mouth curved
into something that looked like a smile.
Going back, when once upon a time,
I've been careless, and so
Thwarted by luck and chance,
Today I stand in midst of the lonliness' dance.
But now its time for a fresh start
To mend my ways onto further follow the path.
I cry out loud over my outpour of mirth,
Its time for rejoice, learn from the mistakes done
And tread on with a brand new birth...

Born Lucky

The dry leaves crumbles down the way,
In the air where the moisture lacks.
And it feels kind a happy to sail
On a day such as this,
Leaving behind the days once felt now cracked.
It really do feel to have been,
A lucky one to tread on such a road,
On a journey so beautiful yet unseen,
Feels like smothered with glory on the blades of the sword.
The taste of victory still lingering to it,
The taste of love and affection still shining,
Those days of craziness and pranks we did,
Marked like milestones, our faces smiling.
And now that the milestone seems to show
A path more tedious for us to grow,
These days will surely come over
'cause they have given me the most precious friends,
God could ever shower.
And it really do feels great
to look around for once,
A journey full of love and friendship, it still emanates.
And I really do have lived,
The life I wanted before I walk ahead.

Walking on...

Droplets wash the earth away
And I could see the dust sway
A clear but cloudy day ahead,
And I walk on with my lonely fate.
And the roads still wet with rain,
Smothered with tears of pain,
Pain of being separated away
And with hope to be with again.
Lush green forest by the side,
A cold wave of breeze arrives,
And I see the days once lived
Lost in the forest leaving me to grieve.
Now for years I just wait and wait,
Walking on with my lonely fate.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tale of My Diary...

And as I turn the pages of my life untold,
I come across those photographs old
Of those feelings that were so cold
And with them my life rolled.

For years I still lingered
for those glorious moments,
Seasons changed, people came,
But, over me, the reign of darkness hovered
Still I waited,
for there I remained.

The cold winter night
comes swaying in my sight,
Where I laid warm
In those bold eyes eyes bright.
The night seemed shortest
with her around,
And the longest
When she was not around.
The sun slowly showed his bless,
with the first ray beautifully shining the face.
And I just froze in that phase
And my pages still shines with her grace.

And still turning over the pages
And again the seasons changes,
Warm air sweeps the land,
And I find myself in those arms again strange
And these pages tells the tale
Of those hugs and kisses tight,
On that sweet summer fight.

I hate to turn the pages again,
for they ceased to exist for me now.
'Cause now seasons and years just rolled insane
And I searched myself in those pages
Wet eyed and my head bowed.

I never uttered a word,
Neither burst whats inside.
Covering it all with just a fake smile,
I waited and watched and watched
To find those pages again,
which left me far far behind.

And my diary seems to surpass me
kicking me gradually aside
Pushing me gradually out of sight,
Frightened and broken,
Craning to be by her side,
I went aside and into hide.

And in this darkness,
I lay silent.
My words echoing there inside.
No one to hear,
No one to care,
For those pages end up here,
With me shivering in fear.

But these pages don't end up here,
for they seem to shout loud
of the thing I ever did alive,
Was just wait and wait down here...