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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beauty in those Eyes

Time was less, for me to be there,
For I knew I have to leave.
And strange are the ways of the world,
I came across her when I shouldn't have been.

Though I thought a glimpse wouldn't matter.
A word or two would that just be,
But who did know, that it would be
Someone to be in my dreams daily.

I'm always wrapped up with things I can't win,
But still lies a hope within,
And however strong I might seem,
That glimpse really did bring the child within beaming.

A strange shiver shook me up,
An odd silence echoed around,
I was awed by the beauty of it,
Those eyes, a glimpse, that's all I remember.

A glance full of laughter and joy,
A glance to make me feel transparent,
A glance to change a man to a boy,
A glance, enough to make me faint,
A glance, I thought would see again,
A glance. I long for it insane,
A glance, never to be forgotten,
A glance, flowing through my heart's terrain.

For a moment I saw a beautiful glance,
I thought it won't make much of a difference,
But with each blink I saw
A thousand angels dance
And down the way I went into a deep trance.
For reasons unknown, but, I do want a chance,
To swim in those beautiful ocean that never did last
'cause it came and swept away so fast
And left me wandering in those lovely orchid aghast.

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