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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tale of My Diary...

And as I turn the pages of my life untold,
I come across those photographs old
Of those feelings that were so cold
And with them my life rolled.

For years I still lingered
for those glorious moments,
Seasons changed, people came,
But, over me, the reign of darkness hovered
Still I waited,
for there I remained.

The cold winter night
comes swaying in my sight,
Where I laid warm
In those bold eyes eyes bright.
The night seemed shortest
with her around,
And the longest
When she was not around.
The sun slowly showed his bless,
with the first ray beautifully shining the face.
And I just froze in that phase
And my pages still shines with her grace.

And still turning over the pages
And again the seasons changes,
Warm air sweeps the land,
And I find myself in those arms again strange
And these pages tells the tale
Of those hugs and kisses tight,
On that sweet summer fight.

I hate to turn the pages again,
for they ceased to exist for me now.
'Cause now seasons and years just rolled insane
And I searched myself in those pages
Wet eyed and my head bowed.

I never uttered a word,
Neither burst whats inside.
Covering it all with just a fake smile,
I waited and watched and watched
To find those pages again,
which left me far far behind.

And my diary seems to surpass me
kicking me gradually aside
Pushing me gradually out of sight,
Frightened and broken,
Craning to be by her side,
I went aside and into hide.

And in this darkness,
I lay silent.
My words echoing there inside.
No one to hear,
No one to care,
For those pages end up here,
With me shivering in fear.

But these pages don't end up here,
for they seem to shout loud
of the thing I ever did alive,
Was just wait and wait down here...

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