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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Born Lucky

The dry leaves crumbles down the way,
In the air where the moisture lacks.
And it feels kind a happy to sail
On a day such as this,
Leaving behind the days once felt now cracked.
It really do feel to have been,
A lucky one to tread on such a road,
On a journey so beautiful yet unseen,
Feels like smothered with glory on the blades of the sword.
The taste of victory still lingering to it,
The taste of love and affection still shining,
Those days of craziness and pranks we did,
Marked like milestones, our faces smiling.
And now that the milestone seems to show
A path more tedious for us to grow,
These days will surely come over
'cause they have given me the most precious friends,
God could ever shower.
And it really do feels great
to look around for once,
A journey full of love and friendship, it still emanates.
And I really do have lived,
The life I wanted before I walk ahead.

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