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What Thy Seek

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Utopia

Theres a road outside the lawn,
where spinning in the silence,
life moves to dusk from dawn.

And people lurk the corners of it
with a peace in mind,

In a state of pitiable apathy,
With faces glowing with fake kind.
Rage and Courage all set to hover,
but at their very need, sublime,
And at times when they are to be showered,
All they do is just run for cover.
OH! What a crap this world has become,
Bombings and shells everywhere.
Rules in is the terror and fear
And innocence is murdered with cunning spear.
Pyre burns high
of those who never meant to be there,
And roses turn pale
in the draining rain,
Falling on the graves like bouquet of flowers.
Is it the world we offered to accept?
Is it for what we opened our eyes?
In search of someone falling off to pieces,
Someone drowned in pain
And gradually love and peace slowly drain.

Oh, its time for all of us to know
of what means peace and to live a life,
with tranquility and courage in our heart,
We now set out to conquer the world.
A world free of wars and fights,
A world free of their terror heights,
A world sewn with the fragments of people
with love and peace on a high ride.
No color, no religion, no reason what may
Can ever be again breed our dismay.
And hence with our new enthusia
We try to build our world of Utopia.


gambling said...

I truly appreciate it.

Satyaki said...

Good to see you writing something different!! Good to see a versatility in you.... The Heading shouldnt be just "My Utopia"... it should be every other persons 'Utopia'.... God gave us this world to us to appreciate it not to depreciate it...... We should follow God's Will!!!