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What Thy Seek

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And Then came Along!!

Her eyes shows her mace,
Her anger flows in tears,
Of those things away she gaze
The happiness she forgot in years.

She rests her head
On her lonely bed
Waiting for answers to her prayers,
But blessed are those,
For who sins most,
The innocents are just left to bear.

And comes along a face,
She thought she knew.
Her eyes had captured all her moments,
Yet she never believed her conscience.

For those arms were not for her,
Those eyes always closed.
A thin curl of those lips,
A smile for every second that goes.

And yet she felt betrayed,
For she refused the myriad maze,
Of games that fell off the board,
And atlast she found him down the road.

For what she thought
That she'd find
For what she dreamt
To meditate her mind,
He instead just brushed her side,
A few hairs hooked by her ears,
A slight glint from his tears,
For he found peace in her arms,
And she solace that she thought she had lost.