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What Thy Seek

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yet Another Clothing

And I tried to Strip everything
And look deep within,
For others the person forth was
just a naked laid statue,
But for me someone too deep a well to pursue.

And I asked myself,
What lies deep inside,
of the ryhmes of the heart's chimes,
When everything superficial
gets washed away,
And the bare skin left touch to grey.

Dive I drown deeper into the vine,
of the lovely set flow of wine,
of so invently build a complex sublime,
I ponder how surprisingly this mortal body shine?
And still when you ask whats there at the bottom,
And you delve yourself to the bosom,
Knock on every door in that dark alley,
Try to turn the knob and onlock thee,
Its then when you realize,
Theres no bottom at all.
And all that comes when the knob burns
is a room full of surprises
And yet another door,
To the next room for another pack of disguises.

So lets not waste hating others,
coz the worlds got a lot for that,
Start diving and know deep within,
Enjoy the surprises of those secret doors
of that dark alley in,
And love them for a change,
For that would bring the change,
Coz it takes the whole heart to fiddle to hate,
but just a twitch to add glory to the fame.