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What Thy Seek

Friday, January 15, 2010

Query in the Air

Ask a bee,
How it feels,
to be without the nector,
from the beloved flower's seeds.

Ask a bird,
How it feels,
to be without wings,
barred from the freedom to be with the sky.

Ask a lady,
How it feels,
Bound by age,
Beauty lost rolled in reels.

Ask a man
How it feels,
To love a woman,
But not her feelings instilled.

Ask a soul,
How it feels,
to not feel the touch
out of the mortal body peeled.

Ask thyself
how it feels,
to have been ripped off the root,
with distance most grieved,
A beat thy hear near,
but thy heart hither.
and still thy cherish
Life's still at its best.
Cause if you ask me again,
I still know to love,
nevertheless the distance might be there,
nevertheless we might be strangers off face,
nevertheless a love one-sided,
But, no reason for any detest.
Livin' life to the fullest.....