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What Thy Seek

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Light and The Darkness

I walked on this lonely path
where I met this two indispensable part
Came popping at one side was Light
And on the other was Darkness with a fight.

The Darkness contained all the gloominess
With loneliness hitting around
In search of love,
In this insane world
For which Light came around.

And said Light - "come with me
And I'll remove your emptiness"
But Darkness replied
that there was no other
And loneliness was her only pride.

But Light was adamant and stubborn,
But this wasn't exactly the truth
It fell in love with the other
And it just blinked,
for a moments instinct
To merge deeply in love with darkness forever.

But the place where the Satan ruled
gave a forceful yet a lousy fight,
'coz it never could resist the Light
Though being powerful,
It lost against the love of Light.

And gradually the Light entered
the world of Darkness,
spreading love and wisdom
And learning the darkness' pride.

And this combination of Dark n Light
Seemed like a phoenix's flight
Whatsoever may've happened,
The love of Light for her never died.

But soon Darkness got her rule,
To take the chance
and made Light a fool,
And with no time she wasn't there again
And left Light alone away to drool.

But Light had his love intact
for he promised
to give her all the love that he had
But Darkness, though never felt it
And she never stayed,
Thinking she defeated him
And the light would ebb away.

The Light indeed did ebb away
twinkling from time to time
And from then on
wherever went Darkness
followed the light for her
'coz his love still smelled with the same fresh air
as it ever had been for now and ever and forever.......

"This is why it is said
because Where there is Darkness, you ought to find the Light around"

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Wait

Clashing herats out of bounds
The clock refuses to take its rounds
And time seems to freeze away
And I sit here for the moment in wait.

What type of feeling is it???
Sometimes worried some relief
Hopes of catching up with
Still it never seems to end The Wait.

The more you see
The less you know,
The more to get
The farthest it blows,
But still somewhere out there straight,
We always see an open gate
Seems so close, yet so far
But no matter what, we wanna be there
And all that decides our fate
And till then we just
Wait, Wait and Wait.......

The Betrayal

I touched her cheeks
And kissed her lips
And whispered in her ear
No matter what
You shall never fear
Coz I'll be always with you my dear

She closed her eyes
And kissed me right
And whispered back to me
Fool this aint love
Its all a game
Now you go alone and linger...

Friday, November 2, 2007

And The Dead Speaks His Tale...

And I lied there beneath
under the wet ground
where flowers showered above
& my tombstone read my name loud.

I leave my body
I leave my grave
& wander around as soul
& see the cemetry with life rare.

I sat by my grave
& saw the flowers
& the dropping rains
Draining out there colours.

The careless air
blew the soil above
And my name got lost
on the tombstone beneath the shower.

But still I sat by my grave insane
In wait of the one
Whom I loved
& would die for her again.

I loved her with heart and soul
I loved her with years to roll
But I dont know if she ever felt
For last if she would turn back round
For those few steps to see me bound.

& atlast I see her come
Happily and merrily cherishing her return
But struck with horror
For hard to beleive for her
She found herself in the silent graveyard.

And there I was so lost and gone
I could see her feel her
But in soul; no bones...
And she looked right through me
To the place
where beneath the soil
remained my body without the soul.

I see her
gently rubbing off the layer
To see that name
Who has always loved her like a prayer.

Tears stream down
Her gleaming face
& drop on the flowers
Pure and deep my love was for
Even the flowers returned their long lost colours.

And now i remained calm
Coz I know that she came
And she knew i waited for her as always the same
Thus ended the storm
And atlast she came to know
what my tombstone read
"I've always loved you
for you my dear
You'll never be alone
I'll always be there"

Thursday, November 1, 2007

And She Murdered ME!!!

I searched for you
And you were nowhere to be seen
I searched for you
And received a gentle sunbeam

Tears came streaming down
Down my face
Coz now I needed you
More than anyone else

Panic struck me
And i broke apart
And I never knew
Why did you depart?

And my watery eyes
searched thy
My cracked voice
Shouted thy name, on the lonely lanes
And atlast I saw you standing in the midst alone and silent again...

I put forward my hand
You held it for me
Now I thought the days to come
Would be the best to see

We kissed together
We laid together
We shared together
& thought would be one ever after

But I never knew
My faith was weak
Coz I trusted someone
Who just left me sick

I didnt have the strength
to call her again
I didnt have the courage
to count my fragments that remained.

I broke into a thousand parts
& now i wanted
To go back to where it all started
To my heart, where my love, thy i painted...

My eyes searched for thy
But tears never fell
coz this time no tears
Blood accompanied as well.

Thrashed hopes and bleedin' me
tryin to get up
on a bleaking reed
& then out of nowhere I see you there
Standing in the midst
With everyone else.

You jeered me,
You played me,
You were so cold blooded
that you killed me
& now standing out there
Coz you'll never need me
You mock my name and call me insane

And the worst part
You always knew
That I still loved you
Like a true bold man
ever ever forever
From start to end

And atlast you have your vengeance
And you leave me strained
Standing in d midst alone and broken