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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Light and The Darkness

I walked on this lonely path
where I met this two indispensable part
Came popping at one side was Light
And on the other was Darkness with a fight.

The Darkness contained all the gloominess
With loneliness hitting around
In search of love,
In this insane world
For which Light came around.

And said Light - "come with me
And I'll remove your emptiness"
But Darkness replied
that there was no other
And loneliness was her only pride.

But Light was adamant and stubborn,
But this wasn't exactly the truth
It fell in love with the other
And it just blinked,
for a moments instinct
To merge deeply in love with darkness forever.

But the place where the Satan ruled
gave a forceful yet a lousy fight,
'coz it never could resist the Light
Though being powerful,
It lost against the love of Light.

And gradually the Light entered
the world of Darkness,
spreading love and wisdom
And learning the darkness' pride.

And this combination of Dark n Light
Seemed like a phoenix's flight
Whatsoever may've happened,
The love of Light for her never died.

But soon Darkness got her rule,
To take the chance
and made Light a fool,
And with no time she wasn't there again
And left Light alone away to drool.

But Light had his love intact
for he promised
to give her all the love that he had
But Darkness, though never felt it
And she never stayed,
Thinking she defeated him
And the light would ebb away.

The Light indeed did ebb away
twinkling from time to time
And from then on
wherever went Darkness
followed the light for her
'coz his love still smelled with the same fresh air
as it ever had been for now and ever and forever.......

"This is why it is said
because Where there is Darkness, you ought to find the Light around"

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