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What Thy Seek

Thursday, November 1, 2007

And She Murdered ME!!!

I searched for you
And you were nowhere to be seen
I searched for you
And received a gentle sunbeam

Tears came streaming down
Down my face
Coz now I needed you
More than anyone else

Panic struck me
And i broke apart
And I never knew
Why did you depart?

And my watery eyes
searched thy
My cracked voice
Shouted thy name, on the lonely lanes
And atlast I saw you standing in the midst alone and silent again...

I put forward my hand
You held it for me
Now I thought the days to come
Would be the best to see

We kissed together
We laid together
We shared together
& thought would be one ever after

But I never knew
My faith was weak
Coz I trusted someone
Who just left me sick

I didnt have the strength
to call her again
I didnt have the courage
to count my fragments that remained.

I broke into a thousand parts
& now i wanted
To go back to where it all started
To my heart, where my love, thy i painted...

My eyes searched for thy
But tears never fell
coz this time no tears
Blood accompanied as well.

Thrashed hopes and bleedin' me
tryin to get up
on a bleaking reed
& then out of nowhere I see you there
Standing in the midst
With everyone else.

You jeered me,
You played me,
You were so cold blooded
that you killed me
& now standing out there
Coz you'll never need me
You mock my name and call me insane

And the worst part
You always knew
That I still loved you
Like a true bold man
ever ever forever
From start to end

And atlast you have your vengeance
And you leave me strained
Standing in d midst alone and broken

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