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What Thy Seek

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Dry Face of Destiny

Neither words, nor the song
Shall mend the roads once walked.
Neither touch nor love 
can bring back whats lost and will be gone.

Neither bonds, nor destiny
shall take me back where I belonged.
Neither solace, nor solitude
would make me again strong.

Neither laugh, nor tears
shall now fall off the face.
Neither the soul, nor eyes
can see what lies beneath my fears.

For I have seen, eyes pounding beats
on what I loved and believed back to be.
For I have seen the longing back towards,
For a friend to a friend indeed.

For I have believed more
On the wretched lines etched long ago.
For all I know happiness never did,
Yet sorrow rejoiced its glow.

For all I've feared
to have seen unknown faces.
For all I fear that truth lost,
Only shattered glasses prevailed.

And I amidst those shards,
walk on a bloodied path.
My soul, my life my blood
Still shouts till my breathe last

The dry face of destiny
still laughs in the echoing silence,
for what thy felt,
lest you should go
For what I felt
You'll always be felt,
 for ages to come
and ages to go....