Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Wrong Turn

They said the path was twisted,
Round about ahead lay broken.
And I would end up
taking up the wrong turn.

But where did lie the adventure
of going on the same way,
familiar of the memories,
lost in the scent of nostalgia,
tears spilled smelling the stench of betrayals.

Isn't it possible to to take a different turn?
Unknown of the surroundings,
The scent of the new bound urn.
isn't it fun to live a life,
on a path unfamiliar,
licking and leaving only my memories behind.
Of a path where I wouldn't miss.
But others' miss me while.
Where I wouldn't follow the steps,
while my steps always imbibed.

Holla!! Here I take the dive,
On a whole new turn,
Unaware of the future,
living the unfamiliar present under the shining sun.
Just a way out of ordinary
Leaving all past behind to burn
And I hereby welcome the path,
which others' labelled as the Wrong turn...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Give Me

Give me a reason to trust,
For that I trusted is long gone and lost.
Give me a reason to believe,
For what thy wanted was loathed with lust.

Give me a the scent I loved,
Still in my veins, stinging by its stench.
Give me the days I lived,
Still fresh for those faked little moments.

Give me my heart back throbbing,
For now ages I forgot its rhythm.
Give me my life as it had been,
For I forgot how it felt to be living.

And still I ask more for me,
Devoured by hatred and sympathy.
For now I have only anger and pity to give.
Give me back my soul,
For atleast in exchange you would have my mercy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Thought

I thought I lost it,
On a brand new path to tread.
I thought it would not linger,
From then and for days to come.

I thought I was ready.
Open arms to welcome somebody.
And I thought I learnt a lesson,
For living my life with no past reason.

And just when I thought to embrace thy,
Came forth the lost bait I realize,
That the song once sung,
now lost its touch,
And somehow I got haunted by it again.

The harder I tried,
The tougher it became.
Addicted to its touch,I'm unable to regain.
I thought I overcame the pain,
To love and be somebodys again
But the lost pearl still lingers its thoughts,
And I am back caught in my own world.