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What Thy Seek

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Thought

I thought I lost it,
On a brand new path to tread.
I thought it would not linger,
From then and for days to come.

I thought I was ready.
Open arms to welcome somebody.
And I thought I learnt a lesson,
For living my life with no past reason.

And just when I thought to embrace thy,
Came forth the lost bait I realize,
That the song once sung,
now lost its touch,
And somehow I got haunted by it again.

The harder I tried,
The tougher it became.
Addicted to its touch,I'm unable to regain.
I thought I overcame the pain,
To love and be somebodys again
But the lost pearl still lingers its thoughts,
And I am back caught in my own world.


patsy said...

One step at a time. Usually when one falls he does not jump up and continue running at the same pace. You are a young man. Plenty of time to get your momentum up. Trust is a strange thing. We can trust again. I say trust until you are given a reason to not trust.

Aritro..... I am what I am..... said...

Strange Patsy, your comment made me write another in a sequel :)