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Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Wrong Turn

They said the path was twisted,
Round about ahead lay broken.
And I would end up
taking up the wrong turn.

But where did lie the adventure
of going on the same way,
familiar of the memories,
lost in the scent of nostalgia,
tears spilled smelling the stench of betrayals.

Isn't it possible to to take a different turn?
Unknown of the surroundings,
The scent of the new bound urn.
isn't it fun to live a life,
on a path unfamiliar,
licking and leaving only my memories behind.
Of a path where I wouldn't miss.
But others' miss me while.
Where I wouldn't follow the steps,
while my steps always imbibed.

Holla!! Here I take the dive,
On a whole new turn,
Unaware of the future,
living the unfamiliar present under the shining sun.
Just a way out of ordinary
Leaving all past behind to burn
And I hereby welcome the path,
which others' labelled as the Wrong turn...

1 comment:

patsy said...

I love it. Taking a new Turn. I am working on a website. I thought it was going to be Making a House a Home, but I love the poem. I might want to use the phrase Taking a new Turn.