Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This familiar scent brushes the evening.

I have had this essence a long time back
I remember the smell yet again,
Strangely never wanted to but in midst of it
I am back to where I started years back in the rain.

And the smell takes me back
to where had only me
and none to look back
Just me and my breathe
and the world at bay
none cared to look my way.

And yet I smiled,
a curl of the lips,
a twitch in my hips,
And I gave away my everything
None that remained with me
Weak and dead, strangled by the neck
The blood all rushed from my feet.

And the same scent brings forth
the same old days
of now only me again
the world again at bay
The shadow even lost in its sway.
And i reckoned the scent's ray.
I had lost it all
I shall never regain

Come my friend, I have known you'd be back
Come loneliness, come take me away...

Solitude is the profoundest fact of human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone, and the only one who realize himself in another.