Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If It Were...

If it were so easy,
To bring the words
From heart to lips,
What need the soul be,
Since in itself it would lose its meaning.

If it were so easy,
To end the wait,
From years to a second,
What would happiness be,
Since the reason of being happy would be lost.

If it were so easy,
To have her love,
From miles apart into
hugs never to depart.
Where would the love be,
Since the distance keeping it alive
Would cease to exist.

If it were so easy,
To deceive all the distances,
To just be all the more closer,
What need the feelings would be,
Cause its not the distance
But feelings that keeps us closer.

If only life would be so easy,
Then the pillars of the temple
Would also be together,
But they stand apart for each other
Else the temple would not be there
To recognize their love forever.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Wrath

The anger in me burst tonight,
The hidden hilt's wrath shout what lies inside,
The past gone long and forgotten,
What lies is my hidden anger frightens.

Anger is the beast they say,,
Calm and composed, a gentleman's way,
But I ask the anger where dissipates to,
when the bleak thread breaks through.

Where does the flame hide beneath the flesh,
Rise up high, like a burning mesh.
Calm and patience gives their way,
The beast roars and the days are Grey.

Friends look foe,
And foes are dead,
Love gone, the life in shreds.
And the man known changed to gray.

And still I hide my blatant anger.
Rust to core, I stay calm and linger.
To those times of baseless betrayals.
the anger in me still there and shimmers.

Oh! How much I afraid to let it loose,
Afraid to shred the blood of the goose,
The blood I know would taste for the time,
But it'll be regret for a lifetime.

Lest I should be the way,
I am now and forever may,
For the well being of those who flames my anger,
Also for those who extinguish it later....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Back in the Future....

My Diary had been tasting the dust and breathing the essence of naphthalene inside my wardrobe since office and work takes the toll on me on weekdays to let my pen spill its blood on the flesh of the paper. On weekends, the sands seems to melt and slip through the nozzle. Its just sometimes when I find solitude amidst the hustling crowd sitting by the side of a glass wall, looking at the wrong and right turns on a creaky turning, enjoying my best coffee. And Barista is one such place for me. Loyal to my blast at Barista, since my college days, I still manage to visit this place till date.

Being a habit of mine, with a blank paper in front of me, that is the bill, I often do happen to fill it up with my abstract crap. One such amounted bill with words for the un-amounted desire:

And if it were this song,

the coffee being same.

Chocolaty and fudgy,

the crispy taste through it's frame.

And she with me,

The coffee forever

will taste great.

With each gulp,

I'll drown in her eyes,

of dreams and reality,

just for a chance,

the still so empty cup

And me in hand in hand,

Wait for that moment.

If only...

She would be with me....!!

Grant Me....

A wish if granted thy,
I would bow my head
and away I fly.
To where I could hear
My heart beat by,
Unknown of the fact,
Without her I will die.

A touch if granted thy,

I would bow my head
and close my eye.
If ever a tear rolled down,
What more a touch worth,
than to swipe her cry.

A life if granted thy,
I would breathe the air
Look up at the sky.
Where I can smell her presence,
Amidst a thousand passer by.
Lest I should not breathe
without her by my side.

A moment if granted thy,
I would hold my eyelids tight.
Won't let them drop,
to see her smile
Capture the moment in my pupils
And her smile would live forever,
Nevertheless, the mortal body is lifeless on the pyre.

A truth if granted thy,
I would shout out loud,
never away I would shy.
To be with her,
for this life,
And for time immortal,
Ages depart by....