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Monday, December 14, 2009

Back in the Future....

My Diary had been tasting the dust and breathing the essence of naphthalene inside my wardrobe since office and work takes the toll on me on weekdays to let my pen spill its blood on the flesh of the paper. On weekends, the sands seems to melt and slip through the nozzle. Its just sometimes when I find solitude amidst the hustling crowd sitting by the side of a glass wall, looking at the wrong and right turns on a creaky turning, enjoying my best coffee. And Barista is one such place for me. Loyal to my blast at Barista, since my college days, I still manage to visit this place till date.

Being a habit of mine, with a blank paper in front of me, that is the bill, I often do happen to fill it up with my abstract crap. One such amounted bill with words for the un-amounted desire:

And if it were this song,

the coffee being same.

Chocolaty and fudgy,

the crispy taste through it's frame.

And she with me,

The coffee forever

will taste great.

With each gulp,

I'll drown in her eyes,

of dreams and reality,

just for a chance,

the still so empty cup

And me in hand in hand,

Wait for that moment.

If only...

She would be with me....!!

1 comment:

Satyaki said...

Barista seriously is the place bro :)