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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Wrath

The anger in me burst tonight,
The hidden hilt's wrath shout what lies inside,
The past gone long and forgotten,
What lies is my hidden anger frightens.

Anger is the beast they say,,
Calm and composed, a gentleman's way,
But I ask the anger where dissipates to,
when the bleak thread breaks through.

Where does the flame hide beneath the flesh,
Rise up high, like a burning mesh.
Calm and patience gives their way,
The beast roars and the days are Grey.

Friends look foe,
And foes are dead,
Love gone, the life in shreds.
And the man known changed to gray.

And still I hide my blatant anger.
Rust to core, I stay calm and linger.
To those times of baseless betrayals.
the anger in me still there and shimmers.

Oh! How much I afraid to let it loose,
Afraid to shred the blood of the goose,
The blood I know would taste for the time,
But it'll be regret for a lifetime.

Lest I should be the way,
I am now and forever may,
For the well being of those who flames my anger,
Also for those who extinguish it later....

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Satyaki said...

Dint get the Backdrop of this one....