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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If It Were...

If it were so easy,
To bring the words
From heart to lips,
What need the soul be,
Since in itself it would lose its meaning.

If it were so easy,
To end the wait,
From years to a second,
What would happiness be,
Since the reason of being happy would be lost.

If it were so easy,
To have her love,
From miles apart into
hugs never to depart.
Where would the love be,
Since the distance keeping it alive
Would cease to exist.

If it were so easy,
To deceive all the distances,
To just be all the more closer,
What need the feelings would be,
Cause its not the distance
But feelings that keeps us closer.

If only life would be so easy,
Then the pillars of the temple
Would also be together,
But they stand apart for each other
Else the temple would not be there
To recognize their love forever.

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