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What Thy Seek

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Shine on my blind eyes
till the time my eyes started to see
The light strayed my path apart
A hand softly held me away.
Hand in hand I walked
till the light had its way
And my smile to him
Another smile back at me in return came.

And on I walked,
In search of that hand
and came many of them.
I grabbed as many I could
And they grabbed me back longing the chain.

The road seemed long
the distance grew strong
yet merry felt the ride
They still grabbed me along.

And I found one,
when I thought the rest just left
And when I believed they never were a need
the lone hand snaps,
And I betrayed fell in the abyss dead.
I thought I had let them go
And felt back straight
And I found the ones
still holding me tall again.

The road still showed milestones
that read an infinite bond
of some path smooth
and rest a rough patch to catch on.
Some just held through the journey,
Some left midway.
But who cares for the detour,
I still had the ones I cared.

Age failed faith
and teased on its way ahead.
But no sooner did it take its turn
Those hands soothed the wrinkles away.
No matter the bright,
no matter the darkness,
They were as calm as the shine of the moon
and could even blaze the sun could ever get.

And no later the clock ticked again,
I remembered the old innocent smile
A smile shared in smile,
a tear dropped together rained,
Of happiness like feeling deep
of sorrow they never let reign.
Pranks played lived though ages drained
Of even smiles in times of pain.
Of fighting with fists and bruises paint
and sooth the same with those same hands again.

Like the touch on the skin of the drizzling rain,
I realized their value within

Of what my life had been
If not them,
the meaning lost in being sane
And with them a lesson taught called Life
of times past shared and lived
And times they with me will always spend.
to whom I call as Being a Friend.

PS: Another Attempt :)

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