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What Thy Seek

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not That Different

If it was just for a smile
Or were it sprinkled by her sorrows,
But if just those pearls
Could I beg to borrow.
For all those times
that these pearls were said
was from only hers
denied by the breach
of his soul that had been beyond repair.
Of those times
she smiled and wiped them off
and he stood beneath
bowed to collect those dime
of not letting any go
yet they never dropped for thy.
And for those
who never cared
yet they dropped,
for their value rise.

And yet the denial
never did fade
a long last stream
over her wet luscious lips
that if curled hither
made the world smile with her
and still she bled them
like being poked with a thorn
but would deny the rose
the stem still did borne.

And if it had mattered
for him to bleed
she would say he doesn't know pain
when the heart strangled hard by the chains
and yet deny the share
for it doesn't matter of whose those eyes were
a boy a girl
a man a woman....
but the tears feel the same
as its for him as well as for her.

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