Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Monday, March 31, 2008

The shining new leaf...

Don't walk on the tears
you've dropped dead on the floor,
For those despair long years
To which you muster all your fears,
God always have the best for you in store.

Don't look back at the betrayals
For they would never matter again
For those fucking losers

who lost their turn in vain
For those feelings now stinks and stales.

Forget those wonderful words
for they weren't meant to be revered
for us being the glorious ones
'Coz until the end we still were there,
Though they never really deserved.

Nothing remains forever
Everything fades away
not even the fuckin memories
Disappearing like the night and the day
But unlike all of them
We still stayed.

Live the moment
forget the pain and forget the sorrows
let go off all your torments
gather up those last few fragments
'Coz theres always much more to life
rather being slaughtered with the sweet knife.

So I say, We raise the toast
To us, Still being there
To make the day and boast
Looking high towards the sky
And in aggregationt we greet
A thousand "CHEERS TO LIFE"

Friday, March 7, 2008


The days passing so fast
wanna catch up
But slips like the smoke apart
And the ashes remain beneath
Of those beautiful memories we lived.

Of those times we laughed together,
Those times of falling tears,
Of those mischiefs and pranks forever,
Those walks in the dark in fear,
Of those smokes of fag let out,
Times of falling out of concious sippin',
Times of untold love stories that frailed,
And many of those fights and quarrels that flew,
These ashes speak of them in this tearful adieu.

We will be gone
And all our memories will be blown,
We won't be here
To tell the tales of our stories we shared,
But the ashes will remain in the air
To spread the scent which once we used to cherish here,
And the days remain few
Where we still remember them in this tearful Adieu.

The Silent Killing

Green deep water ahead
and deep blue sky above,
The blooming sun right on top
and the yellow leaves from trees drop.

Sweet summer noon,
withn feelings they bloom,
sitting on a rocky platform,
with silence beside me
and drowning the glee,
I saw the raising thunderstorm.

The air smelling the sweet summer rain
On the sardonic little lane.
No gain, but still no pain
Feelin' Love, Seein' Love,
My heart goin' insane.

Feel the heat,
Feel the beat,
echoing the name loud and clear.
But whats the use
it's bleeding again
pricked by a pointed bloody spear.

So subtle beneath
So sombre inside,
The blood oozin' out.
I can feel the flow
The blood, my heart is smeared.
But why is it that,
Only I can see
And no one else within the sphere?

Hope the blood will clot
with days to come
But if it's so,
still nowhere else to go,
The deep red scar will always be there.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Forging his way into the land
of the unknown dunes of sand,
From the dregs of his own deeds,
He atlast returned to his seeds.
Ready to sprout
Ready to grow
to see the light afresh,
Ready to break through
To know the world a new.
To face the challenges ahead
Ready to accept what lies straight.
To face the lies,
In those beautiful eyes
He is ready again to go for a high.
And he stands on top
With rage in his heart
with love to be given
Anyone ever imagined by far
With forgiveness for the ones
who never ever deserved
And friendship for those
who never really knew what it ever meant.

His Prayer in Silence...

O Dear, for thee my heart
Thou shalt not tear apart
Coz when alone
or when all be gone
Hear my heart
It'll always revere
like a nocturne bird
the name of thee, my sweetheart...