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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Silent Killing

Green deep water ahead
and deep blue sky above,
The blooming sun right on top
and the yellow leaves from trees drop.

Sweet summer noon,
withn feelings they bloom,
sitting on a rocky platform,
with silence beside me
and drowning the glee,
I saw the raising thunderstorm.

The air smelling the sweet summer rain
On the sardonic little lane.
No gain, but still no pain
Feelin' Love, Seein' Love,
My heart goin' insane.

Feel the heat,
Feel the beat,
echoing the name loud and clear.
But whats the use
it's bleeding again
pricked by a pointed bloody spear.

So subtle beneath
So sombre inside,
The blood oozin' out.
I can feel the flow
The blood, my heart is smeared.
But why is it that,
Only I can see
And no one else within the sphere?

Hope the blood will clot
with days to come
But if it's so,
still nowhere else to go,
The deep red scar will always be there.

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