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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Sweet Solitude

I can hear the footsteps tapping
On the happy and gale moments alive.
Dancing to the tunes of the melody
To the song sung by the bees in their hives,
of those dropping dews from those leaves,
To the tripping drop of rain on my eyes,
of the cool wind gushing through my hair,
To the soft splash of puddle on the road,
of those laughter and giggles that float,
To those happy faces I see everyday,
of those hopeful glances of the orange bloom over the horizon,
To those lazy gazing at stars aeon.
And I happen to enjoy every rhythm around,
Tapping my foot, my happiness unbound.
To the life I'm living and lucky to live,
What others say a life of Gratitude,
And I, dancing to the song of innocence, name it "The Sweet Solitude".

1 comment:

Satyaki said...

U ask people.... dey'll say tat solitude results in d seed for idleness.... but u ask me... I'll rather say solitude helps you to understand urslf better.... not only urslf, solitude also helps you understand people around you bettr... helps you to know the world... helps you to gauge the future.... So friend ur 'sweet solitude' will help you in many ways but as long as you take solitude once in a while.... if taken more than needed- solitude is the root of all d worlds idleness!!! [:D]