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What Thy Seek

Sunday, April 18, 2010

If What She....

If what she knew my unbound love,
Would she caress me back as before?
If only could love be it
To believe her be back & depart never.

If what she knew the horizon of my trust,
Would she hold me in her arms again?
If only could trust be it
To lay deep in her eyes in the pouring rain.

If what she knew the way my heart throbbed for her,
Would she feel it with her soft palms with closed eyes?
If only could racing heart be it
To stand calm yet feel my heart throb in her hand.

If what she knew the breath I use to take,
Would she wore the same scent again to make me alive?
If only the air would smell the same
For a reason to relieve me of all the blame.

And if what she saw the mirror of my pupils
Would she cuddle in me her hairs tangled on my shoulders?
If only could she see herself in me
Could she have seen my world and herself in me.

But she never did see a single thing of it
And I still live with the past memories.
If only could memories be it
I have loads to smile and remember,
Thy shalt I never miss....

1 comment:

patsy said...

I do not attempt to understand poetry, so help me not to be so dense, but I still hear a torn and broken heart. Life is too short to allow anyone person or thing rob you of all your joy. I told my son once when he was so low, "Matthew, there is more fish in the ocean." I long for the day when I hear a different voice coming from your poetry. It was windy here in NC. Spring is at it height. Hope to hear from you soon.