Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Friday, April 16, 2010


I saw through the speechless glass.
Across the road on the cross,
And somewhere I knew I seen that face,
Strangely even the name in my memory I could trace.

Yet so strange, I saw the known stranger,
Smile unmatched, looks so splendor,
The curls went right to the neck,
The bold eyes shining brown and awake.

And I still in my usual seat,
A cold chocolate coffee,
And a fag to the lips.
Happy to have swept through time
Till the turn my eyes couldn't linger.

Memories cleared, the fog amidst mist,
A small ray of hope unseen,
Blooms a face amidst a thousand amidst.
A tender smile and a soft kiss
That's all I could remember from my oblivion bliss.

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