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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let Us....

Let us go for a dance again,
drenched by the skin, poured drops in rain.
Or are those days so past by,
Cheeks wetted by tears
And the dry heart cry insane?

Let us go down that bridge again,
Which trembled by our bare footsteps on the lane.
Or is it the fear that reside in,
Of where you put your foot
on ground may never sink?

Let us walk down those alleys again,
Where our chorus echoed the dark lane,
and the silence had been our sole audience.
Or do you back down your steps still,
The darkness and the silence engulfing you again?

Let us dream our world again,
Where never did we depart,
Or is it the cards, that got rusted
The castle you fear would never sustain.

Let us not repeat history again,
Of what once happened should be a mystery again.
Why I ask should we ever look back,
or was that all just a dream,
And just a tingle touch remain?....
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