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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Washed away in Rain

She saw me through the dripping drops,
the drops wavering my soaring hopes.
My eyelids heavy wet and low,
but there still lingered a smile below.

She held her hands in a quivering fit,
And held her breath like a sword in a sheath.
Closed her eyes and tasted the rain,
To just say, she'll be gone.
Never be back again.

My lips faked a subtle smile.
And raised a toast high.
Of memories and time,
All spent in a merry sublime.

And she turned around,
her faltering steps echoing away.
Relieved to see the relief at bay,
She saw his peace on face.
But failed to see those precious drain,
Mixed with love and pain,
His tears washed away in rain...

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