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Monday, February 8, 2010

Never Close yet a Departure

In the air,
Tasting the air of affection.
The times been contagious.
Seems like the prize for I've waited for.
For now remains nothing for me to mature.
And I long to find her.

Got a photograph of her smile.
The distance playing its own tune,
With each of her steps going away by miles,
from this processed sanity
And I weaken with each song it sings.

Hope still lingers on.
Has my conscience shown?
Has the springs wind blown?
The kindness all disappeared?
And I drink my own solitude.
Sitting alone amidst the empty crowd.

So I tread the path,
High up where I find me to myself,
Stand by the cliff,
Looking below to the see the familiarity,
tears shadowing my eyes,
and a still laughter across my face flies,
watching below the world I know,
Which to her I never could show....

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