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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Perfect Day of Memories

I woke up to a shining morn
To see the leaves all yellow and worn.
The sweet spring scent swept the air,
A day so perfect I lived so rare.
A perfect start
for a perfect task,
with mind so fresh
And heart so clear
Happy rhythms chimed within
and memories stream forth beaming.
Ahh!!! Those were the days.
when happiness reigned
and time just flew
like drops of rain.
So infinite were they,
But so precious in their own way,
Seems as if , it was just yesterday.
But now they have being lived
and with the swaying leaves have swept away.
Slowly the morning turned its shade
and before I realized,
the sky turned deep wine red.
Oh!! The sun just about to set,
So gorgeous and glorious in it gets.
And as the horizon
swallows up the sun,
The light is conquered and
the darkness runs.
I look up in the dark sky
and see the beautiful full moon light
which shone like the face of time
of moments they remind
So beautiful and lovely, which now sublimed.

And as i rest down my head,
lost in time on my bed,
I think how lucky to have been lived
a time just worth to keep as a memory gift.
The only precious thing to possess
No age, No time, Nothing can ever distaste.
Since these sweet times will always be cherished
And these memories will always live.

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