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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Buried Alive

The coffin slipped below the ground
with the body laid in it
But alas!!, It still beats the sound
'cause he still has his life in it.
And still he never gave a fight
nor did he force to come alive
And laid there silent, calm and tight,
and accepted as dead being alive.
And all this while
she stood above
watched the dead being buried alive
and instead she picked the mud,
face shining with an evil smile,
the mud fell on the coffin with a thud.
And he laid silent still beneath
listening to the falling ground,
in the darkness with calm
relishing being buried under the mud from her lovely palm.
Aah what a waste
he still lied there
beneath the ground in despair
thinking his soul would breathe
and body lay lifeless beneath.
But oh no, no.
Death never came to him,
the body got trapped with the soul within
And alive he remained there,
with all the memories haunting him.
He twiched, he fought, he tried to break
but all he got was pain pain and pain.
He thought of going in a deep somber sleep
So that never to rise again and see
for what once he thought belonged to him,
but now for rest and for him it ceased to exist.
But there he was
still beneath,
alive amongst the dead,
breathing in,
of the body which smelled of her
smothered in the mud spelled by her.
And the coffin still lies there
in wait for the one to open it again,
or in wait for death
to take away his soul and
free the lifeless body beneath the mud rain.

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